Chat Live By Telephone With Slutty Women Who Love Discussing What Knickers They’re Wearing

If you’re a dirty knicker sniffer or a man who likes to wear panties, then call our ladies now for Live Knickers Sex Chat.

Knicker-lovers phone sex

See-through Knickers

Is there anything more beautiful than a pair of women’s knickers? Well, perhaps a pair of dirty women’s knickers. Ripped fresh from the snatch and with a smelly, cum-stained gusset, a still wet pair of women’s knickers is the ultimate dream for the pantie-sniffer. Mmm, the rich heady scent as you hold them against your nose! Mmmm, the sticky wetness as you clutch them round your cock and masturbate, or perhaps even dare to try them on yourself.

Knicker-Sniffers Phone Chat

If you are a man who understands the thrill of sniffing, jerking off with and wearing women’s knickers, then you will love the Live Knickers Chat line on 0908 314 8718. Simply call that number and you can discuss your favourite frillies with UK housewives with no inhibitions. These filhty-minded woman will be more than happy to describe to you what knickers they are wearing in glorious detail. Or perhaps it will be you telling them all about your favourite pair of panties, as you clutch them to your penis and masturbate on the phone.

To talk to British housewives about knickers, call Live Knickers Chat on 0908 314 8718. Calls cost £1.53 per minute plus network extras. 18+. Requires bill payer’s permission. Calls recorded. We may send free promo SMS. Send ‘STOPALL’ to 89077 to opt out of marketing. Datapro Services Ltd. Careline 0203 455 2145

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Dirty Panties Sex Chat – Let’s talk about my dirty, sticky knickers

Would you like to see my sticky knickers? In that case, I’ll bend over a bit more…

Naughty Girl Bends Over To Give You An Eyeful of Her Dirty Knickers

Knickers Sex Chat

I love everything to do with knickers. I love going out to buy them. I love getting drunk and hitching up my skirt to flash them. I love making them dirty for a customer. And I love talking to men all about them. Dirty Panties Sex Chat gives me the chance to discuss knickers all day long. I get to talk to men about what type and colour of knickers I’m wearing that day. I get to ask them what they’d like to do with my knickers. Would they like to sniff them? Would they like to watch me wank in them? Would they like to rip them down and fuck me? Or would they like me to get them drenched in cum so that they can then wear them and smell like a girl?

Of the guys I speak to on the phone, I’d say most want to have a real good sniff. All men love the smell of cuntjuice – and I’m lucky to have a very sticky, squirty pussy. But I like chatting to all the trannies, as well, as I get turned on by the thought of guys pulling on a pair of my dirty knicks. And I know how sexy it is to wear them, so why shouldn’t men enjoying wearing them as well? But I’ll talk about anything to do with my favourite subject – that’s knickers, knickers and more frilly knickers. So if you share this kinky obsession of mine, then why not get in touch with a girl like me?

For Dirty Panties Sex Chat, call 0908 314 8718. Calls cost £1.53 per min, plus network extras. Callers must be 18+ and have the bill payer’s permission. All Live calls are recorded. Mobile callers & ‘SMS Chat’ users may receive free promotional material. Datapro Services Limited, BM Box 8027, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline: 0203 455 2145.

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Knicker Lovers Chat – Talk About Sniffing And Licking Used Panties

Talk dirty with girls about knicker sniffing, smelly gussets and cum-drenched pantyhose.

Knicker Lovers Chat - Chat with UK girls about their sticky, used knickers

Knicker Lovers Chat

Sorry for not updating for ages but I’ve been staying with my parents for a while. And my mum is great but she’s a cleanliness fanatic and several times she’s washed a pair of knickers after I’d spent a couple of days making them all nice and dirty. A couple of pairs were smelling really delicious and just starting to get a little bit crusty in the gusset when mum went and bunged them in the washing machine, forcing me to start all over again.

Obviously mum doesn’t know I sell my dirty knicks online or about my knicker fetish in general. And she certainly doesn’t know about the live knicker sex talk sessions that I’ve been doing on 0908 314 8718. I’m one of a team of very lucky girls that get to talk about dirty gussets, knicker sniffing, jizzy panties and stuff like that all day. It’s really great fun chatting to guys about dirty knickers and I often get to wank along with a client and make my knickers even dirtier in the process. So if you fancy talking dirty about dirty panties, then call 0908 314 8718 and have a sexy chat with a live female operator who shares your passion for everything to do with filthy knickers.

For Knicker Lovers Chat, call 0908 314 8718. Calls cost £1.53 per min, plus network extras. Callers must be 18+ and have the bill payer’s permission. All Live calls are recorded. Mobile callers & ‘SMS Chat’ users may receive free promotional material. Datapro Services Limited, BM Box 8027, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline: 0203 455 2145.

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Dirty Knickers For Sale – Wanna Sniff My Knickers?

What turns a sweet young girl into a seller of dirty, wanked-in knickers? Well, here’s how I got started.

Knicker Sniffers

Here’s an extract from the article on knicker sniffers in the May edition of FORUM, which included an interview with yours truly. It explains how I got into this peculiar business and why I love it so much, though please note that I’m no longer with my boyfriend.

ARTICLE – Ah, yes – the girls! Just exactly who are these ladies who wear the same pair of knickers every day for a week and masturbate daily and have sex with them on? Well, of course they come from all walks of life, but one consequence of the abolition of student grants is the growing number of students supplementing their incomes through the sex trade. Many young  girls turned to lap dance clubs to raise a few extra quid to help pay off their loans, but 23-year-old Kelly, who graduated in physics last year, chose a different path.

FORUM: What made you start selling your dirty knickers?

KELLY: Good question! I think it was a number of things – lack of money, mounting debts, a boyfriend with a dirty mind and also being a student and not really going to the launderette as much as I should. I often used to have a pile of dirty undies in my room and my boyfriend used to joke about and pick them up and sniff them and say how horny the smell made him feel. And again, sort of jokingly, he suggested I could make a fortune selling them online, so we checked it out and realised it might actually be a way of making money.

FORUM: So it was purely financial?

KELLY: Well, I wouldn’t say purely. I’m quite a shy, quiet girl, who’s into physics and chemistry, so I quite liked the idea of having a naughty secret and creating this whole other area of my life. We took some pictures of me in just my knickers for the website, so I even got to have a go at being a model, and then there was all the excitement of waiting to see if we’d get any orders. And me and my boyfriend are both computer geeks, so we knew how to get the website noticed and soon I was getting all manner of requests.

FORUM: What sort of requests?

KELLY: Well, they were much more pervy things than I’d thought. I’d expected just to be selling knickers that smelled because I’d been wearing them a while, but of course that was me being rather naive. And the very first order I ever received was from a guy who wanted me to wee in my knickers.

FORUM: And were you up for that?

KELLY: I was when he said how much he would pay. In fact, weeing in them didn’t really bother me that much. It was figuring out how to package them that caused the most trouble, and then taking them down the Post Office was terrifying. They always ask if there’s anything valuable in the parcel and I didn’t know quite what to say to that.

FORUM: So how often do you get orders?

KELLY: I’d say about five or six a month, with a lot of those being return customers. The smell wears out after a couple of weeks, so most customers come back for more. I can’t really take any more orders than that, because I wear each pair of knickers for a minimum of three days to guarantee they smell strongly enough. And even then, I need to masturbate or shag with them on or they won’t be smelly or crusty enough.

FORUM: Do your customers prefer a certain type of knicker?

KELLY: No, most of them have different tastes and I’ll buy and wear whatever they want. White ones are very popular because they show the stains more and a lot of men like thongs because they know the strap will have been right up the crack of my arse. Actually, I love shopping for lingerie now. It never really interested me before, but it’s nice to buy something knowing just how much it will be appreciated.

FORUM: And do your customers let you know how much they appreciate your work?

KELLY: Oh, you wouldn’t believe some of the emails I get! They like to tell me exactly what they’ve done with my knickers, whether it’s wanking with them over their heads, masturbating into them or wearing them under their clothes at work. I get sent lots of pictures, too, and there’s something kind of weird but satisfying and even rather sexy about seeing a man inhaling my sticky knickers.

FORUM: You mentioned the word weird there, so does it ever get too weird for you?

KELLY: Sure, you have to draw a line somewhere, and in my case, I don’t care how much you offer me – I will not be dumping in my knickers and posting them to you, nor I will be sending you my used tampons or doing anything during my period. I’m fine about guys wanting those things, but for me it’s just not sexy and so I don’t want to get involved. Also, having graduated now, I’m scaling down the business. I took the website offline recently and will mainly just deal with my favourite clients, although if anyone new out there is reading this and they fancy having a whiff of some really filthy knickers, they can email me at

Making My Knickers Dirty and Smelly by Watching Porn

What’s the secret to making a pair of knickers really stink of pussy? The answer is watching lesbian and pantyhose porn.

UK Dirty Panties

None of my friends, family or work colleagues know I sell my dirty knickers online, let alone how I go about making them dirty. I often get clients who want a pair of filthy panties fast – normally because the wife’s about to go away for the weekend – and in those cases I might only have a day or two to get them totally saturated with the whiff of my cunt. So that means lots of masturbating, which in turn means lots of watching porn.

Over the past couple of years I’ve built up quite a collection of dirty pictures of clients – pictures that show them wearing my knickers or pulling them over their heads or just sniffing away at a cum-soaked gusset. Sometimes I’ll finger myself while looking at these pictures, especially the ones showing rock-hard cocks in my old frilly knicks, but other times I fancy watching moving pictures. And I don’t know if this is quite odd for a basically straight female, but I really like watching lesbian porn and also anything to do with knicker-sniffing or men in women’s underwear.

Probably my favourite websites are and The first one is all about lesbians in gorgeous lingerie kissing, cuddling, stroking and having sex together. I don’t know what it is about seeing beautiful girls in beautiful stockings, tights, knickers and bras making out that turns me on, but it definitely makes my pussy get sticky. I always imagine it’s me having my knickers stroked and kissed by a sexy girl – and then sending those knickers to a grateful client.

Sexy lesbians in three-way action

Buy Used Knickers

The site is just as good, but this one is all about men wearing tights and having sex with women, other men or just masturbating. I think I like it because I’ve always been aroused by the thought of guys wearing the dirty knickers, tights and stockings that they’ve bought from me. Also, I really like the idea of kissing a man’s prick through a pair of tights. There’s just something about the thought of a hard cock underneath soft fabric that does it for me. Yes, I guess I’m just in love with lingerie and hosiery!

And that’s one reason I love selling my dirty panties and thongs. It’s because I want men to be able to fondle and sniff my sticky, smelly undergarments and get aroused by my womanly scent. I also love it when they give me special instructions, saying how they want me to dirty my knickers. Some insist on me wanking while watching porn, while others insist I have sex with them on. And I’m always keen to oblige! So let me know what you’d like me to do by sending an email to I’ll be happy to dirty my panties for you and give you something lovely to sniff!

Buy My Dirty Knickers – British Girl Selling Smelly Panties

If you like sniffing knickers that have a real stench of pussy about them, then buy my used knickers, thongs, G-strings and panties.


UK Dirty Knickers

My name is Kelly and I’m a 24-year-old girl who graduated in physics in 2009. I ran up lots of debt during my student years, so I started selling my dirty knickers online and many knicker sniffers will remember me from my popular SniffMyKnickers website. I took the website down a few months ago because I was planning on giving up selling my knicks, but you know what? I really miss it! I miss buying knickers for my clients, wearing them till they stink of cunt and then sending them off and waiting to hear back from my latest satisfied customer.

And so I’m starting this new knicker sniffing blog to give all you filthy knicker sniffers a chance to buy my dirty undies again. It will all work the same as before. Just get in touch and tell me what kind of underwear you’d like me to wear and what you’d like me to do while I’m wearing it. I’m happy to wear any kinds of underwear – any colour, material or design – and I am happy to masturbate in them, have sex while wearing them, go jogging in them, sleep in them or just wear them for hours and hours and hours… It’s up to you, really, to tell me what you want! As always, my aim is to please my clients.

Used Thongs

All customers who buy my dirty knickers and thongs will receive a body picture showing me wearing whatever they order. I have a good job now, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to show my face in any pictures – just some sexy flesh and bum shots, instead. I will also be posting some knicker pictures here on the blog and will be welcoming contributions from all my customers. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a photo of a client clutching a pair of my knickers to his face, or even wearing them! Mmmm, I just love seeing a hard cock in my sticky, smelly knickers!

Incidentally, those of you who read the top-shelf magazine, Forum, might have seen the article on knicker sniffing in last month’s issue. As part of the article, I was interviewed about how I started selling my knickers online and I will hopefully be posting that article in a future blog. I was in a relationship at the time of the article, but that has since ended so I will also be posting tales of some of my knicker-dirtying sexual exploits. I know lots of you will want to hear tales of me getting fucked with my knickers still on, so I’ll just have to hope I find a few willing men to pleasure me. 

Prices for knickers will start, as before, at £25 a pair. That’s for a basic pair of briefs worn for 3 days. To order a pair or to request something more specific, send me an email at Cool! Now I can’t wait to hear from all you filthy, dirty men and start dirtying my knickers for you to sniff, lick and wear.